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Los Damn Ramblers debut with new single
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[font=georgia,times,times new roman,serif]Los Damn Ramblers release their first single in advance of their album “Vámonos, Vámonos” due out on September 23rd[/font]

This ‘anything-goes’ band from somewhere in the swamps off Miami is composed of music industry friends and professionals who play & write old time rootsy Rockabilly, Rock ‘n Roll with a mix of groovy Blues & beyond and will ramble its way through its acoustic-driven sound.
Los Damn Ramblers is one half, Elsten Torres, a well-known artist and songwriter, bearer of several Grammy nominations and a moonshiny Elvis cloning experiment who is responsible for vocals, guitar, and songwriting.

The other half is Grammy Award winning Carlos ‘El Loco’ Bedoya, songwriter, engineer and producer of both shameless pop divas and timeless rockstars, who is in charge of piano, keybords and songwriting. 

"Come Out of The Cold" is the first single ahead of their album "Vámonos, Vámonos" to be released on September 23rd  through CdA Music Group.



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