Anet E2 DIY Aluminum Alloy Frame 3D Printer Kit Low Noise 220*270*220mm Printing Size Support Soft Filament Print With Large LCD Screen

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The E2 user manual for your reference. Please click . Do you want to refer the assembly video? Please click to watch .Features:
- 220*270*220mm printing size.
- High-end stepper motor for high-precision printing without too much noise.
- S upport soft filament, Extrusion mechanism can handle different feeding directions, convenient for refueling.
- Aluminum alloy frame, more stable and precise. - Large LCD screen shows you clear operating surface.
- The tightness of the belt is adjustable to effectively prevent the belt from jumping too fast. - Cost-effective; Easy assembly, suitable for DIY customers;
Model E2
Frame Metal
Printing Size 220*270*220mm
Printing Speed 40-120mm/s
Precision Z axis 0.004mm
XY axis 0.012mm Connectors
Printing Precision ±0.1-0.15mm
Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Filament Support ABS/PLA/TPU/PVA/PP/Luminescent etc.
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm(0.2 /0.3mm optional)
Extruder 1
Screen LCD12864
Power 110V/220V/250V
Working Power 250W
Power Supply
Plug EU Standard(Default)
Working Temperature Temp:10-40℃, Humidity:20-50%
Input Files Format STL/OBJ/JPG
Output Files Format Geo/Geode
System Windows/Mac
TF card/USB/Online
Slice Software Cura
Language English
Carton Size 510*400*153mm
Machine Size 420*520*510mm
Machinc/Packagc weight N.W.:5.8kg/G.W.:7.1kg
Note: * The product package will send 10m filament, but the color will send randomly. Package Included: 1 x Anet E2 3D Printer DIY Kit
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